Cube Microplex Gallery

  • Cool Jazz Feb 2015

A carefully curated night at the Cube bringing the outer reaches of sound, vision and performance together with a fun and inclusive atmosphere. - CUCINA POVERA Cucina povera is a solo project of Finnish-born Luxembourgish vocalist and synthesist Maria Rossi who masterfully experiments with layered vocals, field recordings and minimal synthesis. Following the recent release of her second solo LP Zoom, after last years Hilja (now sold out of two pressings), both on Glasgow’s Night School Records, Maria is embarking on a few select live gigs around the UK and internationally to bring a close to her present chapter as her focus shifts to a number of collaborative projects. Working from the dual framework of precarity and serendipity, Maria creates unique worlds via minimal sound, providing an opportunity to her listeners to drift away from their own interior sphere. This will be the second Cucina Povera appearance in Bristol, following a very memorable performance at the Brunswick Club last summer. SECLUDED BRONTE QWAK club are extremely proud to be hosting the debut Bristol performance of London’s Secluded Bronte. Formed in 2001, the group are Adam + Jonathan Bohman of The Bohman Brothers fame and Richard Thomas, who has a vast and fascinating history, including collaborations with the likes of Squarepusher, Stereolab, and Add N to X. Adam Bohman has been operating on the outer fringes of the UK underground since the late 70s and was recently described by Ed Baxter of Resonance FM as a “national treasure” during a Q&A following the premiere of a new film about Adam. Secluded Bronte mix pre-recorded sound compositions with live electroacoustic music using a variety of non-instruments. Live, the trio incorporate Fluxus japery, musique concrete, free improvisation, occasional quasi-poetical outbursts and theatrical trappings. For this performance they will be collaborating with experimental filmmaker James Holcombe for an expanded, all-engrossing experience. James and the trio are in the process of completing a feature length experimental film provisionally entitled ‘Against Cinema‘. COPPER COIMS The earthy scrapings, clatter and thunder of the COPPER SOUNDS duo will grind in unison with the swollen dirges concocted by the COIMS pair. A promise of heavy depth metal and eco rock jazz. This will be the first live outing of this collaboration between two titans of Bristol’s experimental music and sound art scene. TAPSEW A rare outing from the high drama duet of sewing machine and tap dance. Scissors on thread; needle through cotton; metal via body on floor. The sounds of the machine and tones of the floor played out in tap, creating pace, tempo and rhythm in repetition, unification and flashes of exhilarating chaos.

The Day of the Dead

"In this exuberant night of ritual and story and under the watchful eye of a bunch of gambling skeletons - dead ancestors are honoured; the souls of the dead are tempted back into the world of the living for a bit of a party, and Death is mocked, cheated and saluted by turn. Like some irrepressible autumn ritual, the Crick Crack Club’s annual celebration inspired by the Mexican festival of the Dias de Los Muertos, has become part of the fabric of our company's cultural craziness! Join three Crick Crack storytellers for shrines, libations, stories, and magical mayhem..."

Psychedelic Series: Mythology

"Our culture is sick. Our bleary eyes focus on shadows, spectacle, impulse and temptation as we poison the earth into sterility and push our less fortunate siblings further into the dirt. We mistrust the habits and guidance of our elders, paying heed to the fire of angry voices and the numbing balm of digital prophets. In a post-truth world, a society without consensus, those who tell compelling stories hold the power. Sounds true, or true enough. From within our filter bubbles we have given power over our storytelling to marketers, brand consultants, ideologues and politicians. We look to short-term power-mongers for the answers to eternal problems, putting all faith in the dark angel of technological progress to deliver us from evil. Where is the timeless wisdom to be found? Are there truths about the human (and non-human) condition that persist across generations? What the f* is going on? It is into this misenchanted world that we plant the seed of Mythos – a spell that's sung across cultures and generations. Tales of success and failure, evil kings and good queens, of shapeshifting, gender-bending forces of nature. Myth is where divinity meets humanity. Worlds that encode open-source knowledge of our experience, that teach us ethical behaviour without shame or punishment, that weave us together into a tapestry of social meaning. These tales reconnect us to a world populated by heroes and tyrants, gods and monsters, cunning animals, a wild world brimming with meaning and agency, where there's a place for the young, the old, the mundane and the mysterious. Come, let's explore this world that is ours, that is folk wisdom, that is fluid and inclusive, from which we can weave a new social fabric. After our detour through divination at our Tarot event, join us for another night delving into the occult in the cosy confines of The Cube Microplex, Bristol's freakiest experimental venue. We'll receive an initiation into the world of myth from Dr Kurt Lampe of the University of Bristol, who will also conduct an oracular ritual with the help of some acolytes. Then we'll snuggle down for author and occultist Sarah Janes of the Explorer's Club, who will share her research on Myth, Memory and Dream and demonstrate for us the ancient technique of dream incubation."

Hekla + SWIR + Myth

"We're glacially stoked to welcome some of the most unearthly beauty we've ever heard onto the Cube stage, in the fleshscape bodyshape of ghostly Icelandic theremin witch Hekla! A Berlin-residing Icelander, Hekla’s sparse, delicate, fractal music exists within these two worlds: dark and magical as Iceland’s permanight folklore; and (though beatless) as deeply sonic and intense as Berlin’s electronic scene. A long-term scholar of solo theremin, Hekla (shortened from her own name Hekla Magnúsdóttir) uses her instrument as an otherworldly and highly evocative Siren-call. A spectral, wailing, howling, lamenting yearning second-voice that underpins a soft vocal delivery, as if her studio had been haunted with a chorus of ghostly backing singers. --- Support on the night will come from Bristol looping droning DIY synth experimentalists SWIR (traditional songs from far-flung places melded with synth-bleep-noise) and Myth"

I Am Echoborg

"The machines are taking over, what are you going to do about it? I Am Echoborg is a performance that is created each night by the audience having a conversation with an Artificial Intelligence. These are early days for the relationship between humans and intelligent machines. Can you discover the best possible outcome? Devised by Rik Lander, maker of The Memory Dealer which was at Mayfest in 2013. See for more details."

Improv's Greatest Hits: Run Logan Run Album Launch

"Run Logan Run is a head on collision of pounding tribal drums and screaming guttural saxophone. Architects of intense contrast, the duo’s diverse and precise instrumentation regularly flirts with fragility and raw power. "‘The Delicate Balance Of Terror’ was produced by Danalogue & Betamax (The Comet Is Coming) and is filled with contemplative deep jazz moments lodged in cyclic hypnotic trances, which are pushed to their very limits by ruthless drum sections. "The night [27th April 2018] will also feature a debut screening of The DBT Trilogy, shot and directed by Chris Lucas." Supported by Yama Warashi, "Bristol-based Japanese artist Yoshino Shigihara with eclectic band members. Her music has a dreamy evocative sound with a shadow of moon cake, inspired by Japanese folk dance music, Bon Odori(盆踊り), free jazz and African music with a slice of electric psychedelia. Yoshino plays keyboard, percussions and sings songs in her mother tongue about mycelium, nuclear power staion and broken O. "Yama Warashi (山童) means a small child-like spirit which lives in the mountains."

Where The Bear Sleeps - The Kalevala

"Tonight [26th April 2018] Nick [Hennesy] delivers us from the red velvet surroundings of the Cube, into the deep, snow-filled forests of the Finnish far North, where the river of the underworld flows dark and fast. In this world created from shards of egg-shell, the sun and moon are fought over, magic is done and undone, and life is shot through with bizarre ordeals, magical battles and transformations. Expect a remarkable performance of elemental epic."


Kikagaku Moyo and The Evil Usses

Photos from the gig at the Cube on Wednesday 25th May, 2016

Yama Warashi EP launch 18 Mar 2016

Yama Warashi, CLOUDSHOES, Dubi Dolczek, Stuart Chalmers

Cube spaces Jan 2016

Images of the Cube taken on colour 120mm film by Sophie Sherwood.

Rumour Cubes, Leg & O The Guilt 20 Feb 2016

RUMOUR CUBES - The London-based six-piece are a gathering swell of strings, electronics and layers of guitars, underpinned by a bass-infused rhythm - LEG - ombining intricate guitar riffs, beef sauce bass lines, psych synths and juicy harmonies to create an eclectic sound with intelligent pop sensibilities - OH THE GUILT - Bristol Based 3 piece, Post punk, post rock. Creating gorgeously heavy soundscapes to top off this dreamy lineup!

Bristol Wireless Internet connection

Aligning Nanobridge wireless connection between Holroyd House Bedminster and Armada House Kingsdown. Next thing to do is is Amada to The Cube cinema.

Goodbye Kalee

With the arrival of our lovely new projectors we say goodbye Kalee;(.

Cool Jazz Feb 2015

Cool Jazz event with Jazz and Film.

Cube Tidy 25 Oct 2015

Result of mega tidying/throw out session, We filled a BIG van of stuff and this was the result.

Peter Zummo 6TET

Peter Zummo / Ernie Brooks / Bill Ruyle / Oliver Coates / JD Twitch / Bass Clef