Seizing the means of t-shirt production

Yesterday, members of the Cube Work Force came together in spontaneous joy to receive and distribute our first shipment of MERCH from the vast and sprawling factory complex of local screenprinting don danny, at pullprint.

If you’ve ordered a t-shirt you should be receiving yours soon, or if you’ve asked to collect from the Cube, you can see available collection slots on our programme! We are still waiting on some long-sleeves and sizes to come in, and everything should be out by the end of the week. You can find out what’s available on the Cube Shop, and we’d love to see snaps of you wearing yours out and about and spreading the Good Word of Good Cube. Make sure to tag us, and cling fast to your dreams, we might be seeing each other very soon…


Photos supplied by vols:

Dominic Wade

Juste, Libby, Rhodri and Tom D

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