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Volunteers in the Park

Just some images from our meeting in the park. I think it’s safe to say the Sweetcorns won the rounders!…..? We thought we might enjoy storms and showers but got away with a few fat drops of rain and a … Continue reading

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Cube AGM

Yesterday saw 2006’s Cube AGM – and it was apparent it’s a seriously tricky time for the Cube with almost all in the most responsible roles wanting, or in fact needing, to hand over to new blood . . . … Continue reading

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out & in cube

Well, I’ve been in The Cube a bit more a bit recently, but I’ve also managed to missed a couple of things I’d meant to see . . . Sadly didn’t make it in time for the many membered The … Continue reading

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Blog stands for B-ack-log

Hmm, I seem to have settled into a student-washing-up style pattern of occasional blog splurges ( but thanks to Richie for keeping Orchestral updates coming and the different perspective ). I’ve been even more snowed under than usual with a … Continue reading

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Encounters ( kind 3 )

As part of Alias Encounters – related to Alias Arts, which The Cube is involved with via our advisor Mister Graeme Hogg – a group from the Cube went on a trip to Sidmouth on Sunday. I travelled there with … Continue reading

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Encounters ( kind 1 & 2 )

Later on Thursday I went to meet old Bristolian ( presently in Kent ) and sometime Cube frequenter, Phil Hall who was down for the Animated Encounters festival. On the way I encoutered Fr�n�ois and Mark . . . . … Continue reading

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I’m still posting after all this time

Sparror going down for a bit there knocked me off my stride, that plus busy-ness including preparations for Rotterdam Anyway, that should generate more content not less. One of the things the film festival people picked up on was Fast … Continue reading

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Cube Music Meeting

A compilation.

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Pics / No Pics

Due to a plug confusion my camera wasn’t charged today to record the preview of the new exhibition, exquisite drawings and objects by Lindsay Wright. There were still some people from the Side Cinema about, but about to leave for … Continue reading

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meet / no meet

No volunteers’ monday meeting today, but here’s Mark ( x2 ) [off-screen] I’m badgering all present to get blogging . . .

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