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Just found out about this awsome book shop in Istanbul visit the website and get over excite about the quality of their stock

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film and destroy / ILC come to London A lady from Olympia sent me this link today, I also found out that my favourite performance groups the ILC are doing a performance in London with these people

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Word down the wire is Additional has got hairless. Photos will surely follow.

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Kitchen Calamities

Well, not that cubecentric – but you could view it as a kind of tribute . . . I nearly burned my house down today! ( Though hopeful this doesn’t mean closing for a year! ). The timer had gone … Continue reading

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The Horse Hospital visited

The Horse Hospital visited with a women called Evelyn who is helping them out. It was really great to meet them. I have to say I am ashamed to say I have never been to The Horse Hospital but would … Continue reading

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zizek the reality of the beta

tonight we played a beta tape that was bad. we had raise the projection beam so that you couldnt see the top of his head where all of the bad tape static was occuring. really we should have gone black … Continue reading

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Here Goes

Just had the Cube AGM & I agreed to get the cube blog rolling, I’m going to post a pic with my posts, but hopefully this will be a place for cubesters and fiends of the cube to post various … Continue reading

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cube log link

hi, the cube log is now linked from

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