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Cube in the Snow

Nice picture of a snowy Cube exterior and neon from John Bell of the Raiders who played at the Cube free gig on Saturday 19th Jan. Original image is at Raiders Jo’s Instagram Account. Hopefully it was slightly warmer inside …

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New Blog on the Block

I think you need to check this out

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radio 4 night

Would anyone like to tell me a bedtime story of what happened on this wonderful night? I missed it all thanks to a cancelled train… waaah! Perhaps you can tell it and make me feel like I was there…

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Snorkel Sundays

I just found this tale and thought I’d share it, hope that’s okay Ali. From: zuleika To: ali jones Subject: Re: [Cubeadmin] send reinforcements! > > it would be lovely to have some synopsis on cube activities. > any takers? … Continue reading

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Volunteers in the Park

Just some images from our meeting in the park. I think it’s safe to say the Sweetcorns won the rounders!…..? We thought we might enjoy storms and showers but got away with a few fat drops of rain and a … Continue reading

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‘nother late result : Tollgate 2, ‘tween time . . . not so much

Like the first Tollgate update, this one’s a little late, well a lot late actually – mainly because I got knocked out by this monster cold/flu that you probably have had too, and that might well have come from hanging … Continue reading

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initmate~INTIMATE tomorrow night

. . . also tomorrow night – starting 6.45 – is initmate~INTIMATE Maybe go to this before going to Vladmaster . . ? Info here

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Hard Drive Times

From the volunteers’ e-mail list . . . On Fri, 6 Jan 2006, Marcus Valentine wrote: > Perhaps someone can be persuaded to donate a better car, or donate the > repairs. — dear all cube car is probably going … Continue reading

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Greatly Missed

28th of September now . . . I managed to catch Kate and Jesse ( of the wonderful Greatness of The Magnificence nights ) . . . . . . in the final stages of packing for their move to … Continue reading

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Movieoke 3, Blackout 4 ( Venn 2, too )

Much is going on preparing for Blackout 4 at Ashton Court, and it’s, um, my birthday on Friday ( St Swithin’s Day ), but let’s not forget Movieoke 3 coming up at the end of the month . . . … Continue reading

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