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Mu Year

Some playful, preposterous & plain pretentious penpersonship on “KLF_01_01_2017_WTF_FOUND” and where it sprang from. image c/o Turboisland, inspired by the event in question. questions c/o Super Weird Substance   >What motivated you to put the video together originally? The motivation was simple, … Continue reading

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Even better than the real thing

Last week I enjoyed one of the best nights out at the Cube for a long time – the “Cube Cola all spirits night”. This was the ‘first’ Cube Cola birthday party – though, slightly confusingly, not their first year … Continue reading

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New Year is Here

Hurray! It’s not 2006 (worst year ever) and now 2007 (best year yet, touch wood). The Dave Fish Theatre company enjoyed performing, despite the nerves. Dave couldn’t be there, which was a shame, so please send us your photos! Contact … Continue reading

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Did anyone catch the Blusherettes at Blackout in Ashton Court this year? I was performing elsewhere so if you’ve got pictures please send me copies! I was at Truck…strange beasties about… Well, the Blusherettes will be helping people enjoy the … Continue reading

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out & in cube

Well, I’ve been in The Cube a bit more a bit recently, but I’ve also managed to missed a couple of things I’d meant to see . . . Sadly didn’t make it in time for the many membered The … Continue reading

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‘nother late result : Tollgate 2, ‘tween time . . . not so much

Like the first Tollgate update, this one’s a little late, well a lot late actually – mainly because I got knocked out by this monster cold/flu that you probably have had too, and that might well have come from hanging … Continue reading

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Crazy World

Sorry, Cubeblog was on another hiatus there for a tepid minute. Actually, time and time travel has been coming up, time to time, for some reason in various conversations recently . . . plus the various dimensions beyond the 4 … Continue reading

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MELT BANANA SEE. Ok so it wasn’t at the Cube but it was promoted, I think, by Cube stalwart Chiz, and there were lots of Cube regulars at Tokyo’s finest Noise niks. These pictures were also taken by Orchestra Cube … Continue reading

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Here Again

Sadly I wasn’t able to make it, but there was even more Here based Cube shenanigans this weekend with the Orchestra playing at the gallery opening for a show by Gunilla Jähnichen. How could the orchestra fit into the modest … Continue reading

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Jam and Gossip

It was film jam tonight, which was good if slightly underpopulated. Great patchwork of films and slides and djing tooo. My world has become nbit of a boys club. Where are the gossiping girls? What’s the gossiP? My gossip is … Continue reading

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