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Tell your friends . . . entertaining art on Sunday 8pm at The Cube

mr_hopkinson’s computer, you may know : Here’s the full Banana Skinny on Doug Fishbone : I think you might dig his uncomfortable / comfortable joke telling styles : Artist Doug Fishbone will be performing one of his celebrated comic … Continue reading

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You probably weren’t there . . .

. . . at the Seven Inch Cinema night on Thursday. Sadly, possibly because of a Qu Junktions final jaunt at the soon to be closed Seymour’s Family Club, The Cube was nearly empty for a fantastic programme of short … Continue reading

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Latest events at last

Late again, but here’s my perspective on recent(ish) Cube related events . . . I was in The Cube for filming of the first pre-recorded version of Max Blackout for the Tollgate House project, with Adam and Ali ( a.k.a. … Continue reading

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Crazy World

Sorry, Cubeblog was on another hiatus there for a tepid minute. Actually, time and time travel has been coming up, time to time, for some reason in various conversations recently . . . plus the various dimensions beyond the 4 … Continue reading

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Blog stands for B-ack-log

Hmm, I seem to have settled into a student-washing-up style pattern of occasional blog splurges ( but thanks to Richie for keeping Orchestral updates coming and the different perspective ). I’ve been even more snowed under than usual with a … Continue reading

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Back in 10

So, don’t you just hate it when something’s regularly updated, slowly you realise it not so regular, and then you have to wait 10 days before something appears. Me too, so sorry about that. Have no fear though, The Cube … Continue reading

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The Blog is Back!

Seeing as you’re reading this you already know this blog is back up ( despite for a while there it looked like there was no backup ) after sparror problems . . . Kate emailed from, I think, Tehran to … Continue reading

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spring cleaning

so sparror had a bit of a murmur and the cubelog disappeared for a few days. luckily, all has been restored and it has been upgraded to wordpress 1.5.1. i’ve also been spring cleaning including sorting out dates (UK not … Continue reading

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Pass the post system

Well it may look like this is my blog, but it really is the Cube blog – I am just Thä Möderätör. Yes, I do post a lot – but it’s just to keep it going. It really is meant … Continue reading

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Encounters ( kind 3 )

As part of Alias Encounters – related to Alias Arts, which The Cube is involved with via our advisor Mister Graeme Hogg – a group from the Cube went on a trip to Sidmouth on Sunday. I travelled there with … Continue reading

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