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Quick note on Fonal records night

Dave loved your last post capturing what had been happening at Cube recently, while in some cases not even being there, great! Made me think I should write a little something on the Fonal records night which included Islja and … Continue reading

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out & in cube

Well, I’ve been in The Cube a bit more a bit recently, but I’ve also managed to missed a couple of things I’d meant to see . . . Sadly didn’t make it in time for the many membered The … Continue reading

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L L London

As promised pics of Lady Lucy’s preview at London’s Drawing Room gallery, featuring many supporting Cubesters, are now up on sparror . . .

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Missive from the missing

Sorry for lack of recent posts ( now, how’s that for a familiar starter for ten ? ). Uncharacteristically I haven’t actually been at The Cube too much recently, and last time I was, for the bi-annual Sparror Users meeting, … Continue reading

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More Slater

Hope I’m not jumping in and stealing his thunder, but original Cubester and Blog poster Ben Slater has just finished his book – for now here is a simple link. He may be back here with more to say on … Continue reading

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Yes we were back and it all got rather bizzare and psychedelic But I’m jumping ahead of meyself. Now anyone who’s involved with Movieoke, and indeed anyone who’s been to Movieoke, will know it can be somewhat shambolic, so baring … Continue reading

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QuWack, QuWack

This Friday & Saturday saw a new mini-festival brought to us by Qu Juncktions . . . QuWack This was QuWack, number 1, “M” ( for all Male. Next, obviously, will be “F” for all female . . . ) … Continue reading

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Clear People Burn the Hand

OK – reposting of Ben’s Sunburned review with my pics at last . . . I only arrived in time to see The Clear People ( who were my highlight of a night of highlights ) so the narrative of … Continue reading

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And then she was………..Gone

Now the Orchestra isn’t everyboidies thing, I freely admit to wanting to sometimes get up and slap some of the Orchestra when they are pushing the boundaries of pretension, but that’s something me and my Therapist are working at Tony … Continue reading

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Winter Greetings from The Cube Skate Team

skateteam_christmas_sk8_group_2 Originally uploaded by lady_lucy. Here are the Skate Team, the last time I saw them. If anybody has any knowledge of any planned sk8 team action Please contact sk8team at

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