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Super Regroup Extreme!

On Venn Friday SuperGroupExtreme were ( almost ) all on stage again in The Cube, almost without noticing . . . Missing member Extraordinary turned up the next day in the HERE gallery . . . I hear word that … Continue reading

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This weekend’s Olympic Games in Bristol

Steve Stuffit asked me to post about The Peak Oil Olympics that is taking this place this weekend. Peak Oil Olympics 1 Day and 1 Night of games and challenges investigating supply lines in a *Peak Oil world. In the … Continue reading

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I forgot to add this, I went for an al fresco slash and found this good bit of Graffiti WORD. Forza, Richie Paradise

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I Love Theo

Theo Berry is a bloody good egg, as we used to say at Eton. Theo works for Remix an music/arts organisation in Bristol who do loads of interesting things with kids. Some of the stuff is to do with The … Continue reading

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ad (di+ional infomation)

SGX at SLG . . . [ SuperGroupExtreme were formed in The Cube Microplex ] and if you come down a day earlier you can catch the opening for this too . . . [ dubious links to The Cube … Continue reading

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L.E.D.s at Venn

Green, red, sometimes orange diodes, only slightly smaller than children’s milk teeth, illuminated the sound desks erected at gigs throughout Venn. Some flickered, some stayed for the duration, others remained transparent, keeping their colour to themselves. They reminded me of … Continue reading

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Venn at the John Wesley Rooms

Over at the John Wesley chapel and rooms there was an anomaly of peace amongst the shops swarming with debt ridden consumers. I walked over with a friend who was scheduled to give a talk there but we soon drifted … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving had us all joining in last night while he scrambled around his microphone stand and stomped about the stage. Unexpected by me he was accompanied by francois, george, viktor and an intensely concentrating tom bugs. Conducting by means of … Continue reading

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Tape at Venn

Eyes closed in the front row- those faded velvet cinema seats, everyman thrones, were perfect for quiet and complete absorption. A plugged-in acoustic guitar, a laptop, and a not easily identified instrument were on stage with three men: two standing, … Continue reading

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Cafe Kino Venn hub

After my radio show on Friday morning, I went to Café Kino with Shereene. I probably ordered a raspberry lemonade- that tends to be my tipple of choice there. The breakfast bar stools were full so we took a couple … Continue reading

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