Bluescreen: Bluestream Tonight!

Hi All

Steve here from Bluescreen…

As we can’t bring you a physical Bluescreen in May, we have decided to bring Bluescreen to you!

Say hello to… Bluescreen: Bluestream! Bluescreen’s new streaming night, in conjunction with the Cube Cinema.

So tonight we are doing our very first ever Bluescreen: Bluestream stream!

Please spread the word and tune in here to watch all the great short films we have for you

Kicking things off at 7.30 Bluescreen Hi-fi with a audio mix and then we will be streaming these Films…

Setting Up 2018 – Cube Orchestra

The Last Video Store – Arthur Cauty

Spring Butterflies – Matt Brierley

Frozen – Sangam Sharma

What Goes Up Must Come Down – Thomas Stone

Parthenocarpy – Jamie Shaw

Godsend – The Epic Quest – Tim Smart

NHS Video Call – Joe Ralley

Save Lives at Sea – Susan Cockwell

Shit Films – John Cockwell

Strange Days – Peter Harris

Technophobe – Dan Thomas

Dogs Chasing Cars – Jon Holmes

Waiting For The Balloons – Gordon Young

Melchior Strasse – Pete Mason

Bear Pit – Mr Skachidub

Starter Homes – Jacob Hughes

Journey into the Wetlands – Michael Park

Prole – Matt Harris

(End of Part 1)

We received so many films in that we are now doing a 2nd screening next Wednesday to accomodate all the films we received! So tune into Part 2 on June 3rd,11415/

Thanks to all the Filmmakers who sent in Films!

Have a great evening and enjoy the Films!

From all of us here at Bluescreen

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