Digital Daytime Drawing Drawings 2

Hey hey,

We still miss creating together and so we got together again to co-create. Setup was the same as last time. Set up a zoom whiteboard. Everyone draws together. The images we co-created are at the bottom of the post in chronological order. It’s interesting to compare it to the last session (

There’s definite similarities between the two sessions. Confines of the medium? Similar participants? Similar mindsets?

What I’m sure of is we had fun. Will definitely do another one in a few weeks time. Everyone welcome to join.


“oh mom & dad” 2021 1/1
“easily weasley” 2021
“David, Dewi, Tom, Libby, Zuleika” 2021
“How do you sex an owl?” 2020
“Pat Birkenstock’s works day out” 2022
“Yes please thankyou, 1919” 1987 2/3

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