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Blackout up

Unedited pics ( with some of me looking spectacularly rough ) are here . . . And you should find plenty of Blusherette doc there, Zulieka . . .

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Thekla R.I.P

well its the end of an era, last night saw the thekla close its doors for possibly the very last time. my first visit to the thekla (prob late 1980’s) or as it was called then, the wonderfully titled ‘the … Continue reading

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Did anyone catch the Blusherettes at Blackout in Ashton Court this year? I was performing elsewhere so if you’ve got pictures please send me copies! I was at Truck…strange beasties about… Well, the Blusherettes will be helping people enjoy the … Continue reading

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Back in Blackout

Following on from RP’s exhaustive Movieoke missive on the Cube Summer closing party, come check out Max Blackout back in the place he was put together for, The Blackout Tent at Ashton Court this weekend. There’s a killer line-up, which … Continue reading

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Movieoke Nein? Yah, Ist Sehr Gut.

D’yall like the pun? Inspired by The World Cup I guess, and my own pretensions, I’m now punning in German. WOW. First some behind the scenes shots of the putting the parts of Movieoke togetherness (or the general panicing and … Continue reading

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first aid for the cube

I just came back from doing an appointed person’s first aid course which I zealously volunteered to do for the cube. It is a ‘corporate training’ day course, which should tell you a lot, and it involved disturbing plastic torsos, … Continue reading

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Volunteers in the Park

Just some images from our meeting in the park. I think it’s safe to say the Sweetcorns won the rounders!…..? We thought we might enjoy storms and showers but got away with a few fat drops of rain and a … Continue reading

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