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Mu Year

Some playful, preposterous & plain pretentious penpersonship on “KLF_01_01_2017_WTF_FOUND” and where it sprang from. image c/o Turboisland, inspired by the event in question. questions c/o Super Weird Substance   >What motivated you to put the video together originally? The motivation was simple, … Continue reading

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Fascinating Virtue

For those of you who missed it a fascinating facsimile of events can be found by following these links: You Tube Videos of Boxcar Aldous Huxley and Men Diamler Blog review “K pointed out that often, when you go out … Continue reading

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radio 4 night

Would anyone like to tell me a bedtime story of what happened on this wonderful night? I missed it all thanks to a cancelled train… waaah! Perhaps you can tell it and make me feel like I was there…

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Snorkel Sundays

I just found this tale and thought I’d share it, hope that’s okay Ali. From: zuleika To: ali jones Subject: Re: [Cubeadmin] send reinforcements! > > it would be lovely to have some synopsis on cube activities. > any takers? … Continue reading

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Ribbon project review.

“Red and yellow and pink and blue, purple and orange and green. I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow too.” For one week in September 2006 Hannah Godfrey, writer, artist and Skateboarder ran The Ribbon Project. On each day … Continue reading

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join us on a trip down no tricks lane

DON’T MISS OUR LAUNCH **TONIGHT** ! ! ! Join us on a trip down no tricks alley. Super Group Extreme are playing. Skating stories from the mindscape of Hannah G It is gonna be a kind of end of summer … Continue reading

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Venn, will I be finished?

Here’s a one shot take ( with Green Wing style motion changes to keep up the pace ) of the atmosphere after the lights came up after the final Venn performance, Tony Allen at Trinity. I’m asking what the feeling … Continue reading

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Turning Japaneso?

“What the?”, I hear you say, “A Cube in Kyoto J Pan?!” Read on and find out why: Some of you may know that I’m The Cube’s overseas development officer and that I was an integral element in setting up … Continue reading

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Moveioke, not so OK . . . oh well

Even though it fitted in with a general feeling of establishment and build of the overall project, last month’s edition of Movieoke was so surprisingly successful it had me having high hopes for yesterday’s outing which closed March . . … Continue reading

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Latest events at last

Late again, but here’s my perspective on recent(ish) Cube related events . . . I was in The Cube for filming of the first pre-recorded version of Max Blackout for the Tollgate House project, with Adam and Ali ( a.k.a. … Continue reading

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