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Once Upon a Time In The West Country

Or, Ho, ho , ho , hoe down. I warn you there is alot more Cowboy/Seasonal fun to be had here……… So the second ever Cube Orchestra film rescoring was for Sam Peckinpah’s influential Western ‘The Wild Bunch‘ Not the … Continue reading

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United We Stand

This post is by way of introduction to a new and hopefully (reasonably) regular voice on the Cubelog. I’m Ben Slater, I used to work at the Cube, probably back at a time when most current volunteers were merely a … Continue reading

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Electric Light Orchestra

So it’s Novemeber 30th, the scene is the Watershed and Mr Hopkinson is doing his thang again . In cahoots are The Cube Orchestra. It was the start of Watershed’s Electric December thingy, no doubt you all know about it … Continue reading

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Anyone for Coffee?

[bigger image] Hey now comrades, normally the bourgouise type charcters of the Cube would be the first against the wall when the revolutuion comes but nay I say, that’s not why i’m wearing this incredible hat, no. To put it … Continue reading

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Crazy World

Sorry, Cubeblog was on another hiatus there for a tepid minute. Actually, time and time travel has been coming up, time to time, for some reason in various conversations recently . . . plus the various dimensions beyond the 4 … Continue reading

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