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Happy Birthday To Us!

Ok, firstto whoever got pissy ‘cus I asked people to move out of the back room kitcheny area to help the bar staff, get over it. Secondly to the guy who grabbed my friend’s wife’s ass, totally and utterly out … Continue reading

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What Venue said about the Cube

it’s hard to imagine anyone leaving The Cube exactly as they went in … Continue reading

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Dirty Fan Mail

Well saturday found me behind the bar at a very busy Cube for Dirty Fan Mail. People came from London for this it’s so popular. And also for the first time that I’ve noticed we had several Transvestite/Transgendered members of … Continue reading

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So anyway, while the Cube agonises over whether to have a MySpace or not, have a look at what MoMA’s up to with The Residents using YouTube . . . here

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Comedy at The Cube

Last Thursday was the first of what will hopefully be a regular stand-up comedy night at The Cube. It was a private hire ( i.e. not organised on by Cube Volunteers ( though volunteers work the bar, front of house … Continue reading

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Surfer The Little Children

Yes we were all Children once my friends (I can’t believe I was 16 in that photo), I remember when Pater took me under his arm and said ‘Son, this is a Dick Dale record, I hid this up my … Continue reading

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