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The Vanity Of King Richie

Well after the highs of Ashton Court the further, yes further, highs of The Cube Orchestra as this time we took a popular play item, the common garden football and used it to dictate what or who would play. At … Continue reading

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Blusherettes have A Rum Do!

Here’s me and Polly at A Rum Do where we blushed and puffed the young and beautiful (and not so young or beautiful, let’s be honest), saw flappers dancing, fan dancers revealing, villagers disco-ing (hey up the Village Disco, always … Continue reading

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Ashton Court WE Salute You

Well Max Blackout salutes Red Stripe But The Cube Orchestra salutes yew Ashton Court, Not ‘Arf Barry toasts you Bel and Ale send you love because you guys were great. Most Love of all to Blackout Arts for giving us … Continue reading

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Officer, It Was All RED and then…

First apologies to my many fans for not posting much recently. Sparror, The Cube’s Hal like master computer, has been messing me about. So this was the week of Ashton Court and various members of The Orchestra got together to … Continue reading

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After the Chill

pics of various cube types on their hols are up . . . tho sparror seems to be super slow, for some reason.

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Mystery Tour

So after the last mystery tour I’ve been waiting about four years to be suprised myself….but now I have a plan and a wonderful place to go so I’m happy to do another one. I’d like a collaborator though, anyone … Continue reading

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