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i like you like girls like horses

So Dave has been pestering me, to write something in the blog, for quite sometime now and so i finally thought that maybe i would. Last week saw an idea, originally given by James on drunken summers night, which the … Continue reading

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Everyone wants to be a CJ

A chance to return to the ‘cassettes’ category . . . I just heard on Resonance FM about the Cassette Jockey World Championships

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kevin cuts

If like me you like a bit of the cut up stuff, this might interest you.

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I see your cassette

quite literally… Pixelvision [and here too]

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i C your 90, and raise you the whole Plus Deck

via Tomment , and quite a while ago too, these tape musings remind me of the wonderful plus deck . . . Yes, cassettes for your PC – record digitally in, or, more excitingly analoguey out . . . a … Continue reading

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not cube related but… audio cassettes [one that mr_h might like … judging by the photos of his tape collection] i think this one… was designed with morrissey compilations in mind

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