i like you like girls like horses

So Dave has been pestering me, to write something in the blog, for quite sometime now and so i finally thought that maybe i would. Last week saw an idea, originally given by James on drunken summers night, which the Cube has been working on for sometime, Herman Dune playing two nights… Unlike John i managed both shows and while the Friday saw them rocking it out with the hall packed to almost 100 degrees, the Thursday night show saw, with just slightly less people, Herman Dune do what the they do best sing sometimes funny, often sad songs about themselves, friends, and of course the human condition. Wow it was a great couple of days and not to mention seeing deers in a large park outside Bristol with Herman Dune, Diane, Cresent, and pregnent Miranda.

If you were there for either night I hope you had a great time.

Next time David mentioned maybe doing a day time show for children which would be wonderful, so heres looking forward to the next Herman Dune show when ever it may be!

The Cube is a crazy place and as a consequence the Saturday night saw me doing the sound for … hmm what can I say … a legend of now and a time when music changed into to something new with a few crazy guys with a drummer to die for and a singer who, yes get this hugged almost everyone at the Cube that night. Yes it was the one and only Mr Damo… I really feel there is little else to say on this one. Again WOW!

ps. Dave i like you like girls like horses…

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One Response to i like you like girls like horses

  1. mr_h says:

    Thanks Ben, I like you like horses like hay.

    By the way, “I like you like girl’s like horses” is from a Hurman Dune song,
    as performed at The Cube by them, but also in an extraordinary fashion by Ben in the office
    after Damo & Cul-De-Sac – if you were there you know what I’m talking about !

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