Why not

Lady Lucy in her {oine} blog sez . . .

“I should be writing this on the Cube Log . . .”

so I say why not, and here it is here . . .

” . . . whilst wondering around looking for stuff for http://filmfest.independentheroine.org
I found out about Elusive Quality, a programme of films curated for the month long range of events that happened this summer in NYC.
Anyhow I found this essay that acompanies the programme.
Hey it’s all part of the Lady Lucy pretend you’re more highbrow than you are scheme. Read more,
Dote on your book collection and talk to more intellectuals and academics.
What is it about this thirst for knowledge that I currently have on my mind ?

The other point is that Kate https://sparror.cubecinema.com/feraltrade/ and I have decided we are going to start a thing
working title mega stars. Inviting people who want to come and “talk to us” down to Bristol on The Mega Bus. Now I am not sure they absolutely have to come on the Mega Bus in all cases. But the idea is they come and “talk” to us in a mutually socially and acadamic sense. We entertain them. The we being The Cube, and all those volunteers/cube customers interested and that’s why this should be written on Cube log and not on this log but who’s caring ?

The low brow things of the day are that
I’m missing the Lightening Bolt gig, so I can get help house moved and make https://sparror.cubecinema.com/james
a happy gig goer.
and erm
Extraordinary has worked out how to do asci signiture. I hope he’s not getting lost too much on the North London line
every day on his way to work , heres what he wrote earlier

hello ex-streams
yes I’m in for the eighteeenth.
can I do my solo smash hit single if i furnish zoophoxx with the
can he do some visuals?
crazy love

/ _ !) /_ || .. :> /
/ | ! / () R |) ! | | /� : |”

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  1. ladylucy says:

    yes I think you should get extaordinary to be a special guest on the Blog.
    you should ask people to be special guests for a week. That be great.

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