i’m in!

despite Mr_Hopkinson’s efforts to the contrary (supplying me with false passwords etc. etc.) I’m finally in! great…
you all missed a stormer of an event last night – Tatsuya Nakatani, a Japanese percussionist resident in New York visited the Cube. He had a suitcase full of metallic gords and weird sticks that looked like instruments of torture – I’ve never seen such a theatrical drumming performance. He did an incredibly intense solo performance as well as collaborations with Tom Bugs, Jesse Morningstar (sounded like a wild west soundtrack) and crazy Revolutionary Knitting Circle Rob.
a real pity there were only about ten paying punters, but sometimes these are the best nights of the lot! (fortunately hogge has documented it)

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2 Responses to i’m in!

  1. mr_h says:

    WHAT THE . . . !


  2. adam says:

    that’ll be the Nodo in him

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