a call from the cube

So i have been thinking how i have been pretty absent from the cube and that this makes me unhappy, but i find the more i dont go the harder it is to actually get my arse there because i feel guilty about being absent. this will stop as of next week. Last night i got call from Kayle RE: rota and although i couldnt do a shift we got talking and then i got put on to Lady Lucy and we cooked up a plan to do an aural trailer for the Janet Frame feature and guess what- i felt tons better and had a few fears dispelled. the cube is like a trusty steed- you may tie it up outside the bar and forget about it for a while or simply go for a long walk then wonder where you left it grazing but in the end it is always there. you get back on the saddle and continue on your way trotting and jumping and looking and sometimes getting a bit saddle sore too.

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