Desperately Seeking the right Jim White, Searching for The Wrong Eyed Jesus.

OK, so there are two Jim Whites. One plays in The awsome Dirty Three and can be seen here. . Jim White once came to The Cube with The Boxhead Ensemble, and to the after show party we held for them here at The Cube. see Hogges low fi html docu here
Anyhow the other Jim White… who’s album I have THe Wrong Eyed Jesus, who to be perfectly honnest who’s music I am not that bothered about at all, well this Jim White seems to have made a film. Searching For The Wrong Eyed Jesus … It would have been perfect for DoZy.. if DoZy still existed, and even tho I am not bothered about The Wrong Eyed Jim White… I am bothered about The film. Lets show it…
” A thought provoking road trip throught the American South- a world of churches, prisons: coalmines, truckstops, juke joints, swamps, and mountains,
Staring Handsome Family yeah !

The Film’s website

on BBC

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