potato cakes

Here is another potato recipe to replace the one mr_h deleted by accident:


Get some potatos, 2 medium sized ones per person. Peel them and then grate them with a cheesegrater. Put them in a sieve and apply pressure to remove some of the potato juice. Don’t be tempted to save the potato juice, it tastes horrible and is unfit for any useful purpose. Tip it down the sink.

Beat some eggs. You need one egg per person. Chop up half a red pepper, a small onion and a couple of garlic cloves per person, choppe them fine.
Mix egg, grated potato and vegetables in a bowl. Add some salt and pepper. Now add a large, heaped tablespoon of cornflour, one tablespoon per person. Fold the mixture together til it is nicely smushed together.

Now heat up some sunflower oil, in a frying pan. Give the egg/potato mixture a quick mix, because the egg will have drained out slightly and you need a good distribution for best results. Put a couple of tablespoons into the pan and quickly flatten out into a pancake about half a centimetre thick. Fry until the egg mixture is set, then flip over and brown the other side. You might be able to fry more than one at a time, depending on the specifications of your frying pan. Fry the whole lot now. It’s good to cook this for some friends because they can eat while you fry and then you can swap over the frying / eating duties.

You colud serve this with a lot of different things, maybe bacon, or some salad. Good sauces for these pancakes are tomato ketchup, or a dipping sauce made with vinegar, chili and soy-sauce. If you were trying to impress you could pile several pancakes up on the plate, with something else in between them, and then artfully drizzle sauce round the outside of your large white plates. But I wouldn’t recomend that, i’d say just eat them as they come.

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