In Phone Orchestra

I, along with a few others, missed this week’s Orchestra Cube Practice due to the nasty cold that’s still doing the rounds, but big thanks to Richie Paradise ( the excellent drummer in the OC ) who looks like this from the back, and this from the front, kept the documentary going with these pics from off his fancy phone . . .

view from the traps

Must say I’m sad to have missed the first live re-score experience. And to Bagpuss to boot.

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3 Responses to In Phone Orchestra

  1. Richie Paradise says:

    If only the link to me wasn’t of just the back of me head, but a groovy drum solo with
    animal from the muppets. good work with the pics from Mr H.

  2. mr_h says:

    snip! It’s rejigged to fit.

  3. Richie says:

    Ah! You captured me in full frontal drummage to perfection!

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