Jem Cohen on projectors, Terry Riley on piano parts

Rotterdam Pics 035

Amazing performance with terry Riley on prepared piano - slowly unpreparing it through the performance, and Jem Cohen manipulating film projections live, Club Rhombus style. Oh and Jem thought Jem Cohen was one of the Coen brothers!

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One Response to Jem Cohen on projectors, Terry Riley on piano parts

  1. Jem says:

    I just had cause to remember this as Lady has been talking to Amy about Jem Cohen. This was such an amazing performance… dual 16mm projection work with manual fades using muslin, stark and beautiful film, and the most incredible, slowly building progression of minimalist piano cycles by Terry Riley. It was a story of hidden America. An America of sensitivity and dissent beneath the radar of the media machine. It reminded me of the Club Rombus days… Any suggestions for the Rotterdam reunion?

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