Cube Annual 2005

Cube Annual


Call out for writing, designing, concepts, photography, illustration, comics, articles, quizzes, photo stories, features… and the rest for Cube Annual pilot project.

Think about what The Cube Annual could look like. Imagine finding it 2nd hand in Bishopston Books on The Gloucester road in 40 years time when we’re 47.

We hope to make a Cube Annual in the near future but for now we have the pilot project. This a Commission for 16 volunteers, Cube friends, Cube luminaries to work on the pilot. 12 pieces for the annual and 4 designers to collaborate with the creators.

The Cube is 7 in October, so we’d like to show these pieces that you are going to create then. One idea is to include the pieces in the new 7″ booklet programme.

We need people to be on the annual committee too, to develop the project.
Hope you want to be involved 🙂

email: or adamfaraday [ at ] or look at

or have a chat to us when you see us.

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  1. Francis says:

    This seems like a great Cube souvenir concept. Hopefully the Cube annuals will become a long-running collectable institution like the Blue Peter books, and won’t end up in Broadmead remainder shops for 99p.

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