Krautus Orchestrus And a bit of Burlesque for good measure.

Hey, How YOU doing? Well after my shenanigans in The Big Apple it was back to the good old Orchestral Bada Bing. But on a lighter note:

If you went to the Cube a few months ago for a film about Burlesque and Protest Cheerleading then you may remember the generously proportioned (ie Boobalicious) World Famous BOB
World famous Bob

Well I’m glad to say I got see her perform at The Slipper Room, a Burlesque Club in Alphabet City.
As you can see, she’s still got it. Because of The Cube I could pretend to be more highbrow than I actually am because I’d seen her in a Documentary. Thanks again Cube Perverts.

Anyhow, to the Orchestra. An interesting session where we kind of chatted for ages
chatchat back
before we played a selection of ideas built around sound effects played by Mr Hopkinson, seen here in 100% concentration mode hopkinson Now if only he could concentrate on the music………………..

The first sound effect was a jet aeroplane which we interpreted into a drum and bass style thingy with sterling sax from Gareth gareth which then turned into a chill out Orb style piece before I Drum and Bassed it up again, which isn’t easy when you only have a small cymbal and a snare drum, but where there’s a will there’s a way. Next up was Village Cricket match chosen by our resident Aussie Belinda brassy bel
well I’d have thought an Aussie mentioning Cricket when England are on the cusp of winning back the Ashes was asking for trouble, Well friends this is The Cube Orchestra we’re talking about and trouble this time came in the form of a Kraut rock interpretation
kraut rock
crazy I know. Hugh and Tomoko, We salute yewwwwwwwwa
hugh and tomoko.

Something spacious then came out of Hugh’s chaos theory conducting. It all started quite normal
Richie Paradise sez its normal and then CHAOS

Answers on a postcard if someone can tell me why Marcus is ahem giving it large with the old hand movements there.

An interesting little gathering with some great ideas. talking of ideas The Orchestra has started a forum to discuss what we do and how we can best do it. It also stops our email inboxes getting too full up with general chit chat. Important messages will continue to go out to your email address so fear not, you’re still in the loop. If you wanna go there its here:

Big Love, red richie Richie Paradise

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3 Responses to Krautus Orchestrus And a bit of Burlesque for good measure.

  1. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Really great session I thought – thanks for covering it Richie. Downstairs in the office afterwards they said how good they thought it was sounding ( as heard through the ceiling! )

  2. richie paradise says:

    Thats cus we went all Kraut rock on em. Damned long hairs with their peacenik ways. Wasn’t like that in my day I can tell you, Vietnam never did me no wrong me laddy.

    I’d like to see the picture of me with me feet up Hopkinson.

  3. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    What the . . ! ? I don’t recall you having your feet up Hopkinson, how crazy did it get!? I er, oh, right . . .

    A much less disturbing image ( though thoroughly dark & twisted due to low light and long exposure . . . ) is here : for the set.

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