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Desperate Cinema.

Just a quickie. Meant to get to this but my body said NON.However those good people on the Choke Forum had this to say: A funny old bunch of films, most of which I enjoyed. There was also some debate … Continue reading

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Another name for Buried treasure?

Booty, and The Orchestra was full of bootiful music this week. A veritable assortment one could say. We welcomed Baby (or Barry as he is also known) though one thinks the nickname of BB will fit well, N’est Pas? Here … Continue reading

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Better late then never, Happy Birthday to CU………………BE.

Quit complaining wise guy, it’s taken me a week to recover from my 11 hour stint at last weeks magnificent Cube birthday part tay as you can see I was driven to a state of mass extasis. As were several … Continue reading

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New Cubester cards

Rich has designed new Cubester cards. They’re translucent! Nice.

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