Another name for Buried treasure?

and The Orchestra was full of bootiful music this week. A veritable assortment one could say. We welcomed Baby (or Barry as he is also known) though one thinks the nickname of BB will fit well, N’est Pas? Here he is softly caressing his mandolin behind Mr Versatile, Ale ale baby Also in attendence, a veritable gang of geetarists geetarskool all with their own beauty (inner beauty in Team Brick’s case). Well to be honest they made a bit of a racket but a choice word here and there sorted that out.
We were abit pleased with ourselves after the reasonable success of Mystery Movie soundtrack and maybe this reflected the joviality of the improv
A bit of melodian always adds to the mood too (well done Richard, well done) well done richard not to mention in demand Ellie and her magic flute and Bel’s top trumpet skills. Happy Birthday Bel by the way.
I jazzed it up on my new borrowed ride cymbal (thanks Marita)
We ended with a real swingin’ style tune which allowed us to expand ourselves. Personally I think its the sort of thing we should always start with to get the creative juices flowing, if you saw our first ever gig we started with something similar. It’s also nice to play something with pace that isn’t always that loud, nice.

We’re always looking for new players (of all standards) so if you’re interested please contact us. For those that don’t know there’s no practise this week but we’re meeting for Tomoko’s and Belinda’s birthday at the Bell from 6 befor’ food at Teoh’s.

Ciao, October Richie Richie Paradise

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