More Murcof

Sorry about the pretty poor pic in the last ( past ) post, I was just hyped to get it up on the 05/06 cusp.
Personally, I liked 2005 cos of it’s strange visual symmetry on an old school calculator, I don’t know about you. Next time that’ll happen will be 2115 when The Cube will be 117, if the human race isn’t past the finish line by then. Anyway, here’s a slightly more pleasing pictorial of The Cube auditorium at the end of ‘005 . . .

murcof in performance

. . . with on stage red curtains egged on by all this Twin Peaks mania that’s going round, and slowly evolving visuals all care of, I think, Rod.

Murcof was quite a brave, and/or foolhardy act to put on for New Year’s Eve – beautiful but sombre music, with the most recent pieces apparently being inspired by the death of his mother. Even with more perky content, the standard man-behind-a-laptop performance isn’t exactly standard for a drunken end of the year crowd, but although there was much chattering during the performance, there was also enthusiastic applause with the end of each piece.

After Murcof I left The Cube to post the aforementioned post below and watch the frankly fantastic fireworks light up the city. When I popped back into The Cube for party supplies, the techno had got a lot less minimal, and the bar a lot more maximal . . . anyone with further tales of the Cube 2006 entrance and the performances I missed from My Ambulance Is On Fire, Bronnt Industries Kapital & SJ Esau please feel free to bung ’em up . . .

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