doing it for the kids at the Nanoplex

it has been a long time since my last entry and again it seems to be inspired by Herman Dune… this time doing it for the kids!

yesterday saw Herman Dune return to the Cube after last years two day session and in conjunction with the Nanoplex, the Cube’s answer to Cinema, Music, and puppets for children outside the multiplex world of Disney and Dreamworks, preformed two 20 minute sets, along with Russian Animations and Monkey vs Robot Puppet madness.

The show was just great with kids and parents alike taking over the place, drinking tea, juice, and eating cake allowing the Cube to become again a new place for people to express themselves a venue outside the norm. personally I had no idea if this event would be busy or how it would work but in the end the kids filled the stage with Herman Dune and Friends smashing the drums and shaking anything they could get to make a noise… as if we don’t get enough of these when they are at home!

the evening was great too but now as a father speaking i can’t think futher than my little daughters happerness…are now i’m off to be sick!

see you all again in 6 months time.

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