some thoughts

i’m not at the cube much lately, due to a little baby amoung other things, but the few times i’ve been there over the last couple of the months have been great and i do miss the place. so thought maybe i would start to write in the log even if not at the cube, hope this is ok? i will however be at the cube on Sat 28th for The Books who are currently one of my fav listens of 2005, Lost and Safe (Tomlab), and have been waiting a looooooooooooong time to see them live. Check out there website for more info The Books.

so what do people talk about in blogs…personally until this day i never really been into the idea of writing a blog or reading others talk about themselves in a slight hint that it is actually worth the time and effort and i expect in my case it probably won’t be!

another thing i looking forward to is an event happening not at the cube but at the top of a car park…for two weeks…promoted by Blackout Arts, a group often found in and around the cube for one reason or another. the event itself is called intimate~INTIMATE and “for two weeks, one of Bristol’s landmark buildings, Tollgate House, will be turned into a giant canvas and project space”. For more info checkout the website Blackout Arts

ok better not go on to much as i’m not sure if it is allowed to use the Cube bog in this way, can someone answer this?

c ya ben…

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  1. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    More please 🙂

    There’s no censorship here, well sometimes The Janitor sticks his broom in, but don’t worry about him.

    Post up anything and everything with the slightest Cube connection, only thing I’d say is, if you include pictures please optimise them ( try and keep them under 30k is my rule of thumb ) other than that, you write it we’ll read it . . .

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