Back And Proud

Not the Gypsy Kings

No, Not the Gypsy Kings, but The Orchestra with a vengence. As you have no doubt already read and seen, The Maestro Peter Swaffer Reynolds was back. With him, his own special brand of musical madness stroke Art, odd time signatures (anyone for 13/4?), a new Violinist (Simone) Simone And the return of Mr Hopkinson Hopkinson, in a kind of Dalek way.

Mr Hopkinson’s said quite a bit about this so i’ll be brief. A good turn out
turn out
A youthful looking Mark, Adam ‘The Wolfman‘, Leo, Bel, Hugh, Marcus, Mr Hopkinson, Chris, David, Simone, Peter, and yours truely. Some great material born from Peter’s ideas and that 13/4 turned into a smoking little tune with lots of drive and passion (we’re very passionate people us Orchestra types let me tell yew), reminded me of Chris Bowden‘s big band stuff.
And despite Peter’s flattery of me, it took me ages to get something to work for it.

Peter unleashed the Accordian and We ended with me playing 4/4 and 5/4 whilst everybody else played 7/8 and 5/4, crazy yes but it somehow worked.

Ch, Cha Ciao for now, Richie Paradise Richie Paradise

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