He gets about a bit . . .

Just heard my computer’s . . .

be friend me

. . . gone and set up one of these myspace thingies.

I’ve tried a few times to sign up myself but keep getting a “invalid input” error (?)

Spotted Venn Festival up there – maybe The Cube as an entity should cave in and join in this thing too?

( though following LL’s flickr comments, I think under it’s new ownership it’s probably an even more contentious network, no? )

Anyway, the computer will be performing at The Cube as part of QuWack next month, and while we’re plugging please take note of the soon come Movieoke . . .

wouldn't this be better with a border?

. . . days away ( i.e. this Saturday ).

( I know Richie’s already mentioned it, but I think this new post will knock his off the bottom of this page )

See you there ?

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One Response to He gets about a bit . . .

  1. richie paradise says:

    Yeah I’ll be there baby.

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