D. L. H.

Bit of an experiment, but here’s the first videoblog on the cubelog . . .

. . .the visual is terrible ( it’s basically bad filming of a ( not itself terrible ) still of a dog on the screen, which you can just about make out – it was too dark to get any of the audience ), but the audio gives you an idea of the sheer exuberant rowdiness of the DLH event that took place last night.

This was before the skate films came on, which were interspersed, certainly not to everyone’s delight, with snatches of other ‘hardcore’ such as some of the weirder side of porn and violent and scatological G. G. Allin footage.

For the uninitiated DLH = Dean Lane Hardcore, for whom there is not much web presence, but scroll down some words here for a bit of background . . .

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2 Responses to D. L. H.

  1. mossglen says:

    dick lovit

  2. Dick Lovett says:

    Doin it in a an old sock, behind planet rock.

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