Micro The Plex – Open Party

There’s lots on on Saturday ( tomorrow as I write ), with Stitch-Stitch taking over Seymour’s for their jam packed “Se-Da-Bop” all-dayer, Underscore putting on Leif at Cosies, but the one I’m pushing is the open party at The Cube to celebrate the installation of the new cinema sound system – which sounds amazing, by the way, and will feature artwork in the bar by Cube volunteers, including hard copies all the pictures I’ve ever posted on here on the cubelog . . .

some of the pics, which are printed out at 300 dpi, so are tiny tiny things - quite nice I think

. . . of which that is just a small section, and ‘Cutting Up My Friends‘ on a loop on the lounge monitor.

The night will be rounded off with Eraserhead as the Midnight movie to really showcase those immersive cinema sound stylings.

See you there . . ?

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