Calling all the hero/in/es

You may have noticed some new posters here on the Cubelog – I sent out a call out on the volunteers email list recently, and I just hearing a Radio discussion about the original Amateur spirit has spurred me on to repost the call-out here in case anyone wants to join in who’s not on the email list . . .

hello you,

most of you will at some point have been asked by me if you are interested in contributing to The Cube’s blog, or ‘Cubelog’.

If I have managed to miss you somehow, you can now consider yourself hit . . .

If you don’t know, the Cubeblog is a place where volunteers can post up thoughts, images, reviews, adverts, stories, lies, just about anything that might be said to relate to The Cube, and it runs on a very easy to use open source interface initially installed by Tom Betts, with much help from Kate.

I’m writing to you about it because I am the Moderator, which mostly involves deleting spam and helping out with posters’ queries . . .

At the moment, I am also the most frequent poster.

While other people do contribute – notably Lady, Adam, Ben, Adrian and Richie – which is great but, I would like to encourage, or at least inform everyone that their input is welcome.

Me posting the most isn’t a problem, but . . . it is The Cube’s blog, not mine and I reckon it would be really great if even more people posted things on it . . . there is quite a loyal and varied readership, and while it’s never going to be objectively representative of The Cube, I think, the more perspectives there are the better in terms of approximating what you might call a ‘realistic’, or at least more balanced, representation of The Cube.

It’s also an opportunity to do something with an immediate, and not unresponsive, audience.

If you don’t or haven’t read it, what *I* tend to do is just document the events that I attend, reasonably objectively ( at least that’s my intention ), illustrated with the photos that I’m constantly taking.

Now then, as it happens, my posts have become increasingly elaborate ( and time consuming ), which makes me wonder if that’s maybe putting people off posting themselves to degree . . .

. . . basically, I would like to stress, If you are interested in posting, *my* way of doing it isn’t some sort of recommended model to base *your* own posts on, it’s just what makes sense for *me* . . .

. . . in fact the more varied the various potential approaches the better, I say . . . short, very short, long, illustrated, unillustrated, fact, fiction, hearsay, heresy, extremely short, wordless, poetic, mundane, outrageous, logistical, minute, overarching, sensical, or completely impenetrable, there’s no censorship or rules beyond basic netiquette of keeping any images to a sensible size and number ( for the reader’s convenience ) – and even that isn’t cast in stone if there’s a good reason . . .

And as moderator, I can help with stuff like optimising images or other technical issues.

If you’re now itching to rep your version of The Cube, ( or if something strikes you as blogworthy at any future point ) please email me back on this address* and I’ll set you up with a login and password for an identity, or identities, of your choice, plus a simple how-to guide for making your first post . . . which if it turns out to be your one and only post, or first of many is all fine . . .

Thank you for your time,

David x

* email : mr_hopkinson at hotmail dot com

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3 Responses to Calling all the hero/in/es

  1. richie paradise says:

    Well said Mr Hopkinson. And can I add that you can also leave comments about things you may also have seen, heard, agree/disagree etc etc. Which is nice.

  2. Adam says:

    Thanks for the offer Richie but I never leave comments.



    [Richie can you provide the comedic drum roll for that one?]

  3. richie paradise says:


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