at St. George’s, Bristol

I walked over from the cube to st. george’s and spent the first few steps with a man called Tim who is in a band whose picture is in the program. he was a friendly chap who was a bit tired having jusy flown in from Rome and a gig. anyway. i ended up at st. g’s and had a chat with steve, who was my manager when i worked there. (lyric- “don’t like mondays”). i sat in the crypt bar at a table holding two empty bottles of beer i hadn’t emptied. In St g’s crypt you can hear the show in the hall upstairs through speakers dotted about. i think it was Crescent who was playing when iwas there; they were probably about 10 feet to the left above the table where i as sitting. the music from the speakers was sailing upon the choppy waters of chatter that filled the little bar. every so often a significant roar of applause silenced both. the sound of this applause was similar to that a wave makes when being pulled back from a pebbly beach: lots of small things knocking against one another at the same time. Very Venn.

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