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if you see any chalking on the roads and pavements and walls around stokes croft, then more than likely it’ll be ol’ Godfrey here. i’m listening then chalking- lyrics, conversations, venn or un-venn alike. don’t get upset the chalk won’t last. my first chalk was outside the lovely Cafe Kino. lady and i were sitting together having a chat and i wrote down a coupla things she said. the great thing about lucy is that she is completely unphased by me writing as she’s talking. i wondered whether she realised i was actually writing. sometimes lady is talkng about things in the present but her mind is far, far away, you can tell how far by following her eyes, the further they wander the further she is away. if she turns her head as well then she’s nearly gone for good. anyway, amy feneck came in and i decided to chalk while her and lady had a chat about the documenatry filming they are doing along with Mr. Hopkinson. as i chalke di heard a kurfuffle and then amy was by me with her camera. a man aske dme what iwa s doing. he was very polite. i told him and old him about venn cos it seemed like he hadn’t heard of it. i got him a programme and shook his hand. his name is Nick and he lives in the flats nearby. the thing is although i was really enjoying talking to him i was trying very ahrd not to make any spelling mistakes. i don’t think i did. which brings me to my typing prowess. or lack of. i get a bit distracted by capitalising after a full stop, so please indulge me. also, you’ll be able to tell how tired or excited i am by the typos- the more the merrier or nearly asleep.

besides the chalking i am going to be writing about the gigs i get to and anything on the way. if you have any suggestions for me then mail me at lingourd @ yahoo . com

chalking can be a risky business. passing by some house on ashley hill i heard the beginning of an altercation. a woman had just found a bloke pissing in the entrance to her basement flat.
‘Excuse m, this isn’t appropriate to use my garden like this…’
He grunted. i scribbled. best not to chalk it there and then, i thought. a bit later perhaps.

another bit of chalking ‘eat too much’ a big mama was walking down Richmond Road, that’s DOWN the road, and she was puffing and huffing and talking to herself. i smiled and she smiled back and then she said to no one in particular, ‘Eat too much!’ we laughed and passed. and then she passed some squelchy wind. ‘Pardon,’ i heard her say, again to no one in particular.

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  1. Martin P says:

    God, I’m glad to have that explained. Those anomalous markings would have floated indefinitely in my mind with question marks attached. I had faith that someone, somewhere would have an explanation. The chalkings really added something to the weekend, so thanks.

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