bluescreen 31/05

a great great night!

funny how we only had 30 people in…
but were treated to a wonderful 17 films totalling nearly 80 mins!
thank you filmmakers!

a really good mix n match selection of films on screen, in addition to a live score performed for a film & also bluescreen hi-fi were banging out some good tunes in the bar.. so a little bit of everything really-
which is what a good bluescreen event is all about!

so bluescreen was helmed by myself for the evening, as chris was on holiday.
had to get a replacement projectionist (or 2 in this case!), thank u emily and john, you did a great job. (psst. dont tell chris it takes 2 people to stand in for him, i’ll never hear the end of it!)

old skool cuber, Julian was in the cube tonight, he used to run Screentime – a nite which gave birth to… bluecreen! nice to see ya mate.

for some reason i kinda felt a bit more relaxed about this bluescreen, than aprils event, mayb it was because we had a lot of films or the fact that i got a lot of positive feedback or mayb it was the couple bottles of beer i had before! mnn. dutch courage n all that..

anyways a great evening. again no pics. but mayb next time..

so bluescreen will be back on june 28th, our last one for a coupla months,
but bluescreen will be putting in an appearence at ashton court festival in july and a few other festivals over the summer! hooray!
see ya soon.

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