Venn, will I be finished?

Here’s a one shot take ( with Green Wing style motion changes to keep up the pace ) of the atmosphere after the lights came up after the final Venn performance, Tony Allen at Trinity.

I’m asking what the feeling is now the performances are over and what was their high and low point to all the promoters I can find ( conspicuous by their absence are Chiz & Jonno, who I got with the same questions earlier in less one-take-tastic scenarios ) .

Rather embarrassingly it ends with the realisation that, due to a misunderstanding, I’ve been keeping Adam and crew waiting who want to give me a lift home – oops . . . sorry Adam and everyone – that face you and Lady do makes me feel like a right pridiot.

Vaguely interesting it’s all women who would prefer not to be recorded, and all men who agree to be interviewed ( though all the promoters do happen to be men. )

Just point out also that because I was recording onto a small digital stills camera, some people assumed I was taking stills not video.

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  1. richie paradise says:

    You’re a bad man Mr H. but we all love you. I like that idea by Rog/Mark at the end, i can see the Orchestra appropriating that idea.

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