Cubist poem

the cube is as mysterious as its power to awaken truth
the cube is smooth except for an air vent and openings for plugs and cables
the cube is a product with no discernable placement
the cube is comprehended
the cube is a work of art

the cube is open for business
the cube is currently functional
the cube is being sold on style and quality
the cube is the sum of the areas of all its 6 surfaces
the cube is the next big thing

the cube is an imagination game – and more – that holds a secret you are dared not to reveal
the cube is a quiet fanless machine cooled by convection
the cube is a lot of fun to play around with
the cube is a stereoscopic back
the cube is closer
the cube is free

the cube is called above and corresponds to the magician
the cube is a nice piece of furniture and you can add other cube components
the cube is called a quadrirectangual tetrahedron
the cube is 50mhz faster
the cube is downward and to the left
the cube is made up of 3 identical pyramids
the cube is composed of 12 coils
the cube is staging a comeback
the cube is headed for demise
the cube is now possible
the cube is ready

the cube is like most complicated things in life
the cube is 75kgs of seasoned hardwood logs and comes in a polyproplene bag that is 60cm x 50cm x 60cm in dimension and fits through normal gateways
the cube is not solvable with a ruler and a compass
the cube is transparent

the cube is placed on a grey rug on a blue floor
the cube is now the place for project managers to find diversions from the stress of the modern workplace
the cube is slightly s t r e t c h
the cube is completed and mixed
the cube is being sliced parallel
the cube is sleeping

the cube is one of the three classic unsolved problems of antiquity
the cube is just a new and unique design statement
the cube is always built in the same place
the cube is mapped to infinitely many different points on the plane
the cube is cute though

the cube is designed to whisk away heat
the cube is equal to the buoyant force
the cube is super cool
the cube is fear

the cube is subdivided into a network of 134 million smaller cubes roughly one million light years on a side
the cube is also available as linked cubes on multiple analysis
the cube is approximately 4x4x4 inches
the cube is designed to fit in that niche
the cube is one cool machine
the cube is down until further notice
the cube is beavered
the cube is preserved
the cube is back
the cube is dead
the cube is you

the cube is now finished

[Though most of you have probably seen before, I hadn’t and got very excited. This is the slightly adapted result.]

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  2. richie paradise says:

    Barry, Do some work, some of us are tax payers you know………..

  3. barry says:

    Don’t we both get our money from the state, bud?

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