This weekend’s Olympic Games in Bristol

Steve Stuffit asked me to post about The Peak Oil Olympics that is taking this place this weekend.

Peak Oil Olympics
1 Day and 1 Night of games and challenges investigating supply lines in a *Peak Oil world. In the urban wilds of bristol play and collectively locate : Food :Water : Shelter: Communication: Heat
Sat 1st July – meet midday Cube Cinema for registration
1pm – 5pm : Feral Food and water location and collection
5pm – 9pm : Autonomous shelter location and creation, inc ferry crossing over the river (facilitated by heath bunting)
9pm – close : Feral Food Banquet, Heat generation, Team presentations
Feral trade coffee + snacks will be available during the event (traded by Kate Rich)
Throughout the day there will be opportunities to complete climbing, tunneling, permaculture and Peak Oil Propaganda challenges
Sunday 2nd July – Rest and /or open source challenges, Award ceremony
Suggested kit to bring
Energy Snacks
Sleeping bag
Tupperware for feral collections
All participants will receive
A map showing location of challenges
Survival manual v 1.0
All material from event and user generated insights and techniques will be incorporated into a collective manual v 2.0 also containing cutting edge writings on peak oil, using MUTE’s Print on Demand service

An exhibition of all things peak oil at
Cube Cinema: 1 – 9 July

Create Centre Cafe: – 10 – 21 July
Links – general info
POPEX – Peak Oil People investigating Economies and Xchange

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5 Responses to This weekend’s Olympic Games in Bristol

  1. says:

    This is getting a bit vague again… the log gonna be a site for non-cube adverts?


  2. ladylucy says:

    it’s not a non cube advert. This is what the log is meant for
    Who are you, the blog police in any case ?

  3. says:

    Oh ‘police’ u have a problem with authority, u want some or define yourself by resistance. Viva.

    Sorry i thought this log was to log cube activities not a general boring old blog full of “u have to do this” u “got to see this”, “look what i saw up my own art arse last night”. If it become a blog we will see a decline in readship, circulation, inspiration and contribution and btw did u see that guy wearing a hoodie last night, he looked like River Pheanix, but i thought he was dead.


  4. ladylucy says:

    look you just dont get it do you. It is a cube activity it relates to what is happening aat the cube and just cause it don’t happen to be your cup of tea doesn’t mean like it
    isn’t other peoples.
    Steve put the event on inconjunction with the cube.
    Stop being so infuriating and self righteous.

  5. ladylucy says:

    also I think your comments could put people off because
    their activities are met with a a sarcastic blog on
    the cube log. why don’t you just log off and do something
    more constructive instead. Why don’t you start one
    yourself ?

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