Evil Kitty -The Ralfe Band on 16/12/2006

My greetings to you, the dear reader.
I introduce myself as a new blographer on the Cube’s website:
My name is Lea Pischke and I am in charge of a night’s sound technicalities when requested by the Cube’s music manager. So I was yesterday, Friday, for THE RALFE BAND, acid-folk from London.
With Eleni, my personal trainee/sound-serviant, I had the task to set up the band’s equipment.
The performance was better than anticipated by the soundcheck: a deep drumming kick sound
paired with the funk guitar playing to the stories told by the singer.
A Rembetika-reminiscent score had some attendees dance on the very pivoting chairs and what
a joy to realise that circus taught them good balance lessons. Even their hips were moving in the correct rhythm.
The performance was corrupted by the simultaneous screening of a film named “Faust”: a man
using magic to have some puppets come to live in such a way that they themselves start interfering with reality by reading the magic book – or maybe influenced by the pupeteer of whom we see nothing except his hands.
Behaviours that did not make sense at first sight: a devil-like puppet running onto the street out of the building rapped up in clothes to disguise his woodenness, going back to the building to apparently report his findings to another puppet in a theatre setting.

Odd imagery so compelling that even the band tried to watch whilst performing.

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  1. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Thank you, Lea. I look forward with hope and joy to more views from the sound booth . . .

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