The Cube Cabaret!!

And some more sketches and a photo or two from

The First Ever Cube Vaudeville, Zuleika Ziegfeld’s Cabaret of Curiosities

David Bouillabaisse
David Bouilabaisse trained with the Dave Fish Theatre Company before dedicating himself to the art of legerdemain.
A great performance.

The Dressing Up Box

Ziegfeld and Kirby talk big
We discuss the next Cabaret.

That bloke who danced all night, lounging.

Zuleika Ziegfeld, after several Rums, gets home to take her own photo and record the prosperity of The Lashes

A tonne of thanks to rest of the Cabaret, especially the super hard working Bella Bel, the amazing performers including the fandabulous Scarlet Vixens and all those in attendence.

The Lashes

[sub]ps. can we have a Cabaret Category?[/sub]

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  1. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    wow ! what lashes !

    p.s. Cabaret Category Coming Up . . .

  2. richie paradise says:

    why was a marvellous night that one shall try and blog proper sooner rather than later x

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