May brought us Zuleika Zeigfield’s second ever Cube Cabaret, a cheeky tip of the hat to the great days of the Ol’ British Musichall, with a dash of striptease for good measure. As ever the Hosts looked simply divine
being seasoned pro’s our repetoire was both witty and well informed, as you can see HERE (turn your head sideways though). All the pics (bar one) were taken by Professional photographer Robert Babylon by the way. Robert has quite a reputation so it was an honour having him there to document the night. And Meg Paradise took all the video footage, thanks honey.
What a show we had! A medium sized, highly vocal and very appreciative audience not only had Bristol’s favourite Dandy Stanley Forbes
Stanley Forbes but a whole plethora of acts to wet their appetite, including special guests (a bit more on that later popfans). Stanley’s band seemed to be made up of celebs, Fran Cotton being one and I think Sigmund Freud another. Anyhow if you want to see them in action clip HERE
Mr. Alexander Thomas was next with his Thereminovox. Alexander Thomas
Though some thought they’d stumbled upon a seance his mastery and skill over his instrument was admirable and quiet quiet moving.
A quick costume change by yours truly:
hosts2 and then Manchester’s Queen of Burlesque Bella Besame showed us her mastery of the art of Striptease
To see some of the actioN click HERE.

A short break and then our special guests A HAWK AND A HACKSAW FEATURING THE HUN HANGAR ENSEMBLE!
ahaahhun hangarhun2
Unbelievably good, sensational even. My thanks to them and Mark Slater and Chiz who phoned me up asking if The Cabaret Gang would like them to play as a warm up before their tour. The audience asked for more so I got them to chant in Hungarian More! (forgotten what it was now) and they blessed us with one more fine fine tune. Click on the links above and you’ll get a taste.
A quick break and a quick costume change:
Richie Paradise and Zuleika Zeigfield. and then we had our final 3 acts. the crazy and insane Ziegfield players Ziegfield players Tunesmith and raconteur Benjamin Weatherhill benjamin weatherhill
And then to finish the night off Bella Besame blessed us with some fine old fashioned Striptease
bella besameBooty Call

WOW. What a night, and yet, and yet there was more because in the Bar I Am The Mighty Jungulator‘s Matt was spinning showtunes (YES showtunes), to which punters and staff alike strutted their stuff Bel and Zuleika
Matt is one of the maddest looking (and loveliest) people around so I wasn’t that surprised, I wonder if Tricky is also into the hits of Doris Day……………………..

Thanks to everyone who came, worked and performed, The Cabaret Gang love you.

Ciao For Now, Richie Paradise Richie Paradise

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  1. son says:

    classic nite. grand write ups but please get the photographer credit off the photos….please it make him and them look awful


  2. richie paradise says:

    Have to have the credit on the photos or we cannot use them i’m afraid, anyow i think it makes us look proffesioanll innit.

  3. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Great Richie!

    ps who is “Son” and why are you linked to http : // www . bot . com / ? Is this possibly an even more cunning level of comment spam than ever ?

  4. richie paradise says:

    Canadian Spam, yummers! I have no idea who son is. curious…………

  5. son says:

    yes it looks proffesional, thats why they should not be used. looks awful proffesional. just give the photographer a link.

  6. richie paradise says:

    Could only use his photos with his link on them, i have no prob with this the guy has to make some money some how. Who are you anyhow? we very curious…………

    and happy for the comments too.

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