Zuleika Ziegfeld’s Ladyfest Cabaret – latest pictorials

Last night was Cabaret night at The Cube, and possibly because of the association with the current ladyfest, it was full to the rafters.

I didn’t catch it all but did see a spellbinding performance from Rasha Shaheen . . .

Rasha Rocks the Cabaret

As instructed in an earlier post I, and a friend, donned our fanciest hats in the hope of getting a free paradise punch . . .

hats entertainment

. . . but must say poor Mr Paradise himself, and his punchlines, seemed to be struggling with an unreceptive audience on stage somewhat, as he presented alongside Zulieka . . .

Ba-boom tish!!

. . . many of which, rather bizarrely I would venture, would not exactly be classed as classically lady-friendly material . . !

Anyway much fun was had – documented not just by me ( and hopefully / most probably by the aforementioned Richie ), but also the tuxedoed Paul Albrecht of the Cube Orchestra . . . a mixture for your delight and perusal follows below . . .

picture this

and that

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5 Responses to Zuleika Ziegfeld’s Ladyfest Cabaret – latest pictorials

  1. richie paradise says:

    Thanks for that Mr. H, was lovely to see you and so many others tarted up for the evening. Well I can’t resisit pushing the envelope (par chance this is why one is ‘jazz’ musician) so with lots of PC types potentially in the audience, and it being Ladyfest and all, I couldn’t resist the odd edgy joke and tall story about my experience of the better sex. And feminists (like myself) come in many different guises, for example some actually shave….

    ok, i’ll get my coat…..

  2. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Swing out, Sister x

  3. adrian line says:

    a post/a blog/a tot up from heaven.

    patagonia only has sheep so pics of ladies festing is bonita.

    next time ask Madonna. She is a lady. about 22 years ago she talked about galic on my show and the dashboard went crazy. i thought it was just a pizza topping but it is a nut/fruit and madonna (her real name) knew that. she is more than a singer.

    do they still skate in bristol

    much care and hasta luegou as max mad quoted alot


  4. zuleika says:

    Richie if you’re a feminist I’m a blonde bombeshell

  5. matching cuffs and tails?

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