Mid November saw the Cube Orchestra venture South of the river (kinda, if you know your geography) to Spike Island where we had been invited to play on/with a very interesting piece by Turkish Artist Can Altay. The piece is called Ey Ahali!. “Ey Ahali!” is the typical phrase of the traditional introduction to a public announcement, verbally made by shouting on the streets.
Anyhow you can see Uncle Liam and the gang here and then good old YouTube has two clips.
Uncle Liam of Cube Orchestra fame Ey Ahali! It's The Cube Orchestra!

I enjoyed meeting some new members of the Orchestra as I don’t get down so often these days, venerable types each and every one of them. Look out on the clips for some of these handsome chaps

A few regulars too, Ale on guitar/voice, Richard keys, Liam on Trombone (1st time ever), Mark on sax and me on Handsonic. This was great fun, basically for those too lazy to follow links the stage is the art, it has speakers in which you plug into. A small but appreciative audience seemed to enjoy themselves, as did the Orchestra who celebrated with beer and snacks at the Arnolfini afterwards.
Spike Island audience

Our thanks to Can and the Spike Island crew.

Big love, Richie Paradise Captain Richie Paradise

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