Naked Lunch @50

So a few months ago was a fascinating evening all about the legendary book Naked Lunch. This was a follow up to another great night all to do with William .S. Burroughs in which the The Cube Orchestra scored one of Burrough’s cut up films and I accompanied some poetry on drums.
Burroughs’ films are a firm fave of The Orchestra because they have lot of moods and interesting images for us to interpret through sound. Anyway there was also some rare stuff that Ben and gang had tracked down a well as some experts talking all about it. Sady I coldn’t stay for the whole thing but Ben captured some on video.

The night was a great example of what The Cube offers to Bristol that no where else can or does. Our thanks to everyone involved and to those who joined us.

Big Love daddio, Richie Paradise Richie Paradise x

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