Bluescreen’s 15th Birthday Bash!

Bluescreen was 15 on April 26th and we had a Party! Not only celebrating 15 years of screening locally produced Short Films but also being the longest running event at The Cube and also the longest running Open Screen Short Film night in Bristol!

Huge thanks from Bluecreen aka Steve/Tess/Ben – to everyone who came out and celebrated!  Special thanks to Dominic for the documentary about Bluescreen, I think it caught the very essence of Bluescreen.
Also thanks to the Cube Orchestra and Bluescreen Hi-Fi DJs and all the folks who volunteer at the Cube who make Bluescreen happen each and every time and lastly and firstly all the Filmmakers who have screened at Bluescreen, without whom…  Here’s to the next 15 years!

So there was Cake..

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And a Documentary about Bluescreen….

And here’s a list of the Films we screened on the night:
– Films/Directors/Orig Date Screened –
Art Films – Cube Orchestra 26-Apr-16
Bluescreen Docu – Dominic Wade 26-Apr-16
We’re Going To The Moon, Then Coming Back Again – Keef Chemistry /Cube Orchestra 26-Apr-16
A Trip In The City – Steve Parsons 26-Apr-01
The Battle Of Cable Street – Toby Trackman/Yoav Segal 30-Mar-05
Bad Dad – Tasha Hollywood 23-Apr-03
Jamm TV – Chris Barnett 18-May-04
Wheres My Spleen – James Pendlington 15-Sep-04
Land of Dreams (Transpersonals promo) – Piski Films 15-May-13
Charley Harry’s Wondrous Nothing – Esther May Campbell 17-Mar-04
Mandogs – Oliver Purches 28-Nov-07
DIG DEEP – Muscat/Southsection 13-Jul-05
Me and Reg – Lee Matthews 25-Jan-12
Dewis’ Hat trick – Matthew Walters 2003
No Sunday of Rest for the Wicked – Philip Head 25-Mar-09
Collide-O-Scope – Naren Wilks 27-Jan-10
Doug Tabbard: Human Curler – Dylan Radclyffe 30-Apr-08
1000 Voices – Tim Travers Hawkins 20-Jan-16
I dont want to fall in love.. – Kid Carpet/Wrongboy 02-Jun-08
Ordered Numbers – Mr Hopkinson 20-May-15
Felixs Machine – Tom Mansfield 25-Mar-09
The Cube – Danae & Sigi 30-Mar-11
Gentlemen – Graeme Maguire 10-Sep-14
Asbo Shepherd – Woody Morris 23-Mar-16

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